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Our Barovanes diverters have proven to be of the most efficient and popular deflectors on the market. Nearly every seismic company exploits the power of our ‘vanes for their large wide-tows. Today we have Barovanes with lift-forces from 1 to 40 T, but continuous development of stronger, energy efficient ‘vanes is an integral part of our company. Our ‘vanes have lift to drag ratios of up to more than 6 to 1. These numbers, combined with the reputation for stability and reliability during operation, are just a few of the many advantages explaining the popularity of our Barovanes.

The wide range of sizes allows for optimum tuning to any research layout. A very large specter of rigging alternatives allows the user to optimize the lift and drag forces to each individual layout mode. On top of that, there are possibilities for adjusting the size of the Barovanes. For instance; You don’t need so much spread-forces for a 12-14 streamer layout as you need for 18. Using Barovanes, all of these (and more) layouts can be achieved with only one type of Barovane. The powerful Barovanes are ideal for large High Density surveys, per today the Barovane 412 rigged in high-lift mode is capable of towing 18 streamers with 100m separation between each (Record 18-streamer tow).

Our Barovanes is the visualization of the Spirit of Marine Seismic Aquisition – Highly effective, robust, predictable and hard working…

Iver Bjørnerem
Managing Director
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Karl Fredrik Sandvik
Technical Manager
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Sales / Product Manager
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Hans Otto Øvrelid

Manager Finance & Administration
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Vidar Sundnes
Sales Manager
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