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This is us

Our history can be traced back almost a hundred years. And being a part of a world-leading maritime cluster here on the west coast of Norway, we have always been inspired by the pioneers within onshore and offshore product development.

For those who don’t know us that well yet, the Ulmatec business area Engine Solutions comprises the company Ulmatec Skipsservice.

We are located in Fosnavåg, Tromsø and Kirkenes in Norway and Dubai in the UAE. Here we carry out overhaul, service, classification and repair operations. You will receive professionally qualified assistance with your engine, auxiliary engine and generator – both on board and at land-based facilities. We serve abroad range of customers, such as fishing vessels, well boats, ferries, offshore vessels, shipyards and the aquaculture industry.

The strongest engine brands

We are an authorized dealer for CAT, Cummins and Mitsubishi – and we probably have the best access to engine parts and service components in Norway. We also provide premium Fleetguard filters and Valvoline fluids. Great cooperation with strong engine brands enables our experienced mechanics to assist our customers on location, both in Norway and abroad.

Always here, and there, for you

Our mechanics are available 24/7. And we serve you wherever you are located. Engine brands such as CAT, Cummins and Mitsubishi require the highest level of expertise from their dealers. This inspires and pushes us to perform and deliver every single day. And our most important mission is to keep your engine running.

We empower your maritime operations
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