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This is us

As we are located right in the middle of a world leading maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway, we have the knowledge, desire and ability to develope, design and manufacture the best handling equipment and solutions for our customers.

We are constantly adapting to be able to meet the necessary requirements expected by the industry when it comes to safety, quality and sustainability. With over 10 years of experience in walk-to-work systems, we are developing fully redundant 32m Gangways with an integrated goods logistics system. The gangway-mounted crane is 3D-compesated and has 6 tons capacity.

A broad range of smart solutions
We have delivered 85 LARS in different configurations. We also have solutions for RIB and tender boat handling, cruise vessel boarding docks, numerous electrical winches, entrance with watertight doors, coiled tubing handling, moonpool hatches, skidding systems and much more. Common for most of our solutions is the ability to integrate them with new and existing equipment. We also have a 24/7 worldwide service, ensuring that our customers experience the highest performance and uptime.

We empower your maritime operations

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