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Ulmatec is a complete supplier of both Insea and Handling gear, this ensures not only that interfaces are taken care of, but also that we are a partner that are familiar with all aspects of the operation. We have first hand knowledge to all the implied equipment – what better guarantee for a seamless operation can you have?

Ulmatec has also more than 4 decades of experience with seismic operations – and even more experience with maritime operations. A highly skilled team of engineers are developing solutions that are manufactured by our own manufacturing team in our own locations. The Ulmatec solutions will not only be of the most effective and reliable on the market, but we are continuously looking for ways to improve our products in close partnership with our clients.

Our entire team of solution makers are ready to be at your service in case an unforeseen incident should occur. Our primary goal is to always keep our clients in operation.  That is what our entire business is all about.

We are empowering your maritime operations!
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