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Ulmatec is developing, designing and manufacturing handling equipment and solutions that ensure optimal operations for our customers.

Optimal solutions empower optimal operations

Ulmatec is developing, designing and manufacturing handling equipment and solutions that ensure optimal solutions for our customers.

Through decades of experience, we help customers by implementing our existing solutions or engineering bespoke solutions to unique demands.

With over 10 years’ experience in walk-to-work systems we are developing a fully redundant 32m gangway with an integrated goods logistics system for both palletised goods and crane handling. The gangway-mounted crane is 3d-compensated and allows moving the goods all the way from next to the pedestal to the gangway tip. In port the crane has 6 tons capacity for loading and unloading.

We have delivered over 85 LARS (launch and recovery systems) in different configurations, available with anywhere from a redundant system with high-speed winches and overboarding systems, to simpler lightweight and modular systems. The larger systems are often combined with a full mobilisation solution with A-frames or moonpool cursor systems and skidding solutions.

Our guest personnel logistics solutions encompass RIB and tender boat handling, cruise vessel boarding docks at water level, entrance solutions with watertight doors and high-capacity gangways and combined units with integrated swim platforms, compensating gangways and HC handling built-in.

Our range of electric winches covers all needs from small tugger and mooring winches to large tug towing winches and heave compensated solutions.

We engineer bespoke solutions with module handling towers with cursors, fitted with AHC winches, cherrypickers, tugger winches, coiled tubing handling, moonpool hatches and skidding systems. Large combined solutions ensure efficient and safe handling of medium-heavy equipment and ROVs.

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Ulmatec offers a range of products for offshore seismic use. Since establishment in 1981, Ulmatec Baro has been an active partner for our clients, making custom and special versions of our product range mainly related to marine seismic operations. Our location, with the harsh North Sea as our closest neighbour, makes us very aware of the power of nature. This, combined with a maritime cluster surrounding us, a close partnership with our clients and a number of very skilled employees, has made it possible to develop a wide range of specialized offshore products, particularly for marine seismic acquisition.

Some of our achievements:

  • Having a leading position in development of marine seismic deflectors.
  • Introduction of ‘vane steering system (DefCon) allowing for remote steering of Barovanes.
  • Development of Rigid, self-spreading source floats with steering system.
  • Introduction of Duplex steel and Composite as materials for seismic wide-tow configurations.
  • Development of Rigid, self-spreading source floats with steering system.
  • We are proud to be a chosen supplier for clients with extremely high demands, and Baro equipment is in daily use on the seven seas.
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