Ulmatec Thermal Solutions Delivers First ECOLENCER to Polarbris

Oddbjørn Sunde
June 11, 2024

Ulmatec Thermal Solutions has successfully delivered the first ECOLENCER onboard the vessel Polarbris. This innovative unit combines an Exhaust Gas Economizer and a Silencer into a single, compact, and space-efficient system.

The ECOLENCER brings together two crucial functions. One part is an exhaust gas economizer, a heat recovery system that captures excess heat. The other part is a silencer that effectively reduces noise from the main machinery. The result is a quieter, more efficient ship with enhanced performance and sustainability.

Kjell Gunnar Hoddevik, shipowner of Polarbris, shared his positive experience with the ECOLENCER:

"They have collaborated with Ulmatec on previous ships, and the experience has been excellent from start to finish. During their journey home, the significant noise reduction from the main machinery was noticeable, thanks to the silencer. Additionally, the exhaust gas economizer efficiently recovers excess heat, warming the water used throughout the ship. It's a fantastic piece of equipment."

Oddbjørn Sunde, Sales Representative at Ulmatec Thermal Solutions, elaborates on the benefits of the ECOLENCER:

"Imagine having a coffee maker running onboard a ship for an entire year. That represents the power generation and diesel consumption of a generator using 2 tons of diesel to keep one kilowatt running for a year. With the ECOLENCER, several hundred kilowatts of heat are recovered from the exhaust—free heat that is used to warm the ship. The benefits are enormous compared to using a generator and electric heating. It's a game-changer."

Located in Søvika, Norway, Ulmatec Thermal Solutions takes pride in its comprehensive manufacturing process. The company handles everything from bringing in steel plates at one end of the factory to delivering the finished product at the other. Established in 1951 as Ulmatec Pyro, the company has a long history of innovation and expertise. The continuous drive to develop new solutions is evident in the ECOLENCER, showcasing Ulmatec's commitment to advancing maritime technology.

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Oddbjørn Sunde
June 11, 2024

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