Ulmatec now offering SeisWorker workboats

Odd Bjørn Jensen
June 16, 2023

Ulmatec has entered into a cooperation with Kace to provide the marine seismic industry with a broader and more complete product portfolio. Through our Insea division (previously Ulmatec Baro), Ulmatec will offer the well known SeisWorker work boats to the market.


This partnership brings together two innovative companies and enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions that will contribute significantly to the global seismic marine industry. By combining our expertise, the two organizations can better provide the industry with the tools they need to maintain their towed assets – both onboard and in sea.


Ulmatec Insea Solutions – The organization behind the well known Baro product line for the seismic industry.
Ulmatec Handling Solutions – The LARS specialist behind ground-breaking handling solutions for seismic, subsea, personnel and cargo logistics.
KACE – The composite specialist manufacturing the SeisWorker workboats.

For more information, contact:

Iver Bjørnerem

Vidar Sundnes

Odd Bjørn Jensen

Odd Bjørn Jensen
June 20, 2023

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