Ulmatec and Hampidjan Advant Enter Strategic Partnership Agreement

Bjørnar Nesset
June 11, 2024

Ulmatec Handling Systems and Hampidjan Advant (formerly Mørenot Offshore) have signed a partnership agreement in the market area of seismic and seabed mapping.

Both companies offer a wide range of products for maritime operations worldwide. Through this collaboration, their combined offerings will provide a comprehensive solution for towing and handling equipment used in seismic and seabed mapping. By focusing on this area, they will become an even stronger partner for their customers. Both companies look forward to developing new products and services for their clients.

Ulmatec Handling Systems, located in Fosnavåg and Hareid, has been developing and delivering specialized and customized equipment for seabed mapping for over 40 years. This equipment is used in the energy sector (offshore wind, oil & gas), environment (mapping areas for offshore carbon storage), and industry (substrate for seabed mineral extraction).

Since the 1980s, the company has been an active partner for its customers in this market, and during this time, it has developed numerous groundbreaking products, particularly in deflectors (Barovane™), source handling, and handling and control systems in general. Based on its technical expertise, combined with its own production facilities for most material types, the company has also developed unique competence in material technology, production techniques, and general knowledge.

Hampidjan Advant, located in Søvik in Haram Municipality (formerly under the name Mørenot Offshore), is a supplier and manufacturer of complete towing and handling packages for oil exploration. Since the 1990s, it has worked with most seismic companies worldwide with these products.

Hampidjan Advant is part of the Hampidjan group headquartered in Iceland and is the group's company for offshore and maritime markets such as Towing, Lifting, Winch Ropes, Installation, and Mooring. They also have a wide range of specialty products made from fiber ropes. The company has locations in Norway, the Netherlands, and Iceland, and had a total revenue of 140 million in 2023.

Statement from Hampidjan:

"We are both well-established in this market, and with the same customers worldwide. You could say that until now it has been a typical Sunnmøre approach of cooperation when possible and competition when necessary. I have great confidence that our extended collaboration now strengthens us and allows us to offer our common customers a broader product portfolio, making us a stronger and more reliable partner

for further product development and delivery. Ulmatec has been a pioneer in this type of equipment for many years. Their products have contributed to the development of the oil exploration industry. Even in products where we have sometimes competed, Hampidjan has chosen to use Ulmatec as a subcontractor.

So, this is a natural choice considering the quality and knowledge they can offer and what we can achieve together,"

- says Bjørn Nogva, CEO Hampidjan Advant.

Statement from Ulmatec Handling Systems:

"This collaboration between two leading players in the industry will both simplify customers' operations and strengthen opportunities for product development and optimization of customers' operations. Together, our companies can deliver complete systems – both at sea and on board – with greater flexibility and increased focus on customer profitability and operations.

Ulmatec looks forward to the collaboration with Hampidjan Advant – which will strengthen us in all areas of seismic operations, benefiting customers through increased profitability,"

- says Iver Bjørnerem, CEO Ulmatec Handling Systems.

Bjørnar Nesset
June 11, 2024

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