New range of Electric Heaters

Per Kristian Urkedal
January 29, 2023
Size 15 kW to 470 kW

Ulmatec Thermal Solutions has developed a new series of marine standard Electric Heaters – ranging from 15 kW to 3160 kW – which is now available for sale.

Electric heaters for integration in a vessel’s central heating system can be a smart solution if electricity is available, e.g., in port mode (shore power).

In the development, high attention has been given to achieving a low footprint, minimized material usage, efficient water circulation and focused service space.

Standalone control cabinet and power cabinet gives flexibility for the shipyard or ship owner.

The heaters from 15 kW to 470 kW are available with an integrated system for potable water heating as an add-on function.

Higher effects can be delivered upon request.

For more information regarding our Electric Heaters, please review our section of Hot Water Heaters.

Per Kristian Urkedal
May 2, 2023

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