New Barovane Design

Odd Bjørn Jensen
March 14, 2023

Ulmatec Insea has recently launched a new serie of Barovane deflectors tailored for direct towing. One major advantage is the simplicity in handling as a specially handling system might not be required. The new Barovanes are based in an old minesweeping concept, but the ‘vane efficiency is significantly improved using more advanced foil profiles in a fine-tuned configuration. The ‘vane is available in several sizes, and it can also be equipped with the Baro DefCon system for remote control.

The new design is an important contribution to an even more sustainable operation where all the lift forces can be utilized to achieve separation as the ‘vane will be operating at the same depth as the other equipment. This way the operator can achieve required separation with less energy requirements due to the increased efficiency of the ‘vane.

Odd Bjørn Jensen
May 2, 2023

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