Extensive stocking for quick assistance

June Skeide Bergseth
May 24, 2023

A comprehensive and orderly stock management results in faster completion of service, maintenance and repairs.

When an accident occurs, such as engine breakdown, the customer must get this sorted out immediately. There could be longer delivery time for necessary parts and long-term landing can be expensive for the shipowner.

Therefore, we have built up a solid inventory of spare parts for the engines we have in our portfolio. The practice has been going on since the workshop was established, but especially in the last ten years we have refined this strategy. The idea is that we should always have parts available to be able to perform both planned jobs and urgent assignments.

Due to the long coast of Norway, with harsh weather conditions and challenging logistics, we are strategically located in Fosnavåg, Tromsø and Kirkenes. From here we ensure guick assistance to customer needs.

Parts supply CAT, Cummins and Mitsubishi

We know the market well, especially the needs of our customers. With this knowledge we know which components to have in stock for the future.

Especially for the Key-customers, we make sure to have parts available. The larger vessels have 2 - 4 of the same engine brand or model in their vessels, and it is possible to schedule inventory to serve them immediately. This applies both to planned overhauls and if something urgent is happening.

We specialize on CAT, Cummins and Mitsubishi, which have many standardized parts across different engine types. This means, for example, that we can build up an inventory of around 80-cylinder heads to be able to serve up to four Cummins engines on one mission – even if its different types of engines.

Planned inventory with service agreement

Customer with signed service agreement with Ulmatec Engine Solutions benefit from their prioritized access to our inventory. This strategy creates predictability for both sides. It reduces the time spent on an service assignment, whether it is a workshop stay or a call-out assignment.

Our main goal is to keep the customers engines running.


Service agreements also benefit other vessels. We do put other ships on hold, they also have access to our stocked engine parts. In our workshops we recondition several engine components and this is a large production in our workshop.

A curiosity: The warehouse holds around 1 million parts in nearly 7,000 categories. During the COVID-pandemic, we experienced the effect of having our own proximity to the market. Access to parts on the world market became more difficult. At this time, we saw the advantage of having our own extensive inventory to ship parts directly to the customer.

“We know your challenges. Therefore we deliver on flexibility, accessibility, and response. Your time is valuable” - The Solution Makers
June Skeide Bergseth
May 31, 2023

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