Energy efficient gangway

Bjørnar Huse
May 8, 2023

A vessel can potentially become more energy efficient with the use of an energy-saving gangway.

Energy-saving gangways are designed to reduce energy consumption during personnel transfers between a vessel and a fixed platform, such as an offshore platform or an offshore wind turbine, by incorporating various energy-saving features. Some potential ways in which an energy-saving gangway can contribute to improved energy efficiency on a vessel include:

Reduced power consumption

Energy-saving gangways often incorporate advanced control systems that optimize the operation of the gangway, minimizing power consumption while maintaining safe and efficient operations. This can include features such as variable speed drives, intelligent load sensing, and power management systems that adjust the power usage based on actual operational requirements, thereby reducing overall energy consumption.

Balanced gangway hydraulics

With the use of a dual hydraulic system a gangway can be tuned to be horizontal without spending any energy. Using hydraulic accumulators, the gangway is suspended passively and power input is only used to drive the gangway to another angle in tune with the control system. Compared to a wire-lifted gangway with electric drive, a hydraulically balanced gangway will consume up to 50% less power.

Lightweight construction

Energy-saving gangways are constructed using lightweight materials, such as aluminum or composites, which reduce the overall weight of the gangway. A lighter gangway requires less energy to lift or move, resulting in lower energy consumption during operation.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Energy-saving gangways can also contribute to improved operational efficiency, which can indirectly result in energy savings. For example, by enabling faster and smoother personnel transfers, energy-saving gangways can reduce the idle time of vessels, leading to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Environmental sustainability

The energy-saving gangways are designed with a focus on environmental sustainability, incorporating features such as low-emission power sources, eco-friendly materials, and recycling capabilities. These sustainability-focused features can contribute to overall energy efficiency and reduce the vessel's environmental impact.

Economic sustainability

Thoughtful construction of the gangway ensures that daily upkeep and yearly service is efficient and inexpensive. Hydraulic and direct-drive systems are very dependable, compact and durable with a minimum of consumables over a year. Wire-lift gangways will require exchanging wires at regular intervals and since wire wear is internal and impossible to ascertain the wires must be exchanged well ahead of time to be on the safe side. This is a time-consuming and expensive operation.

The Ulmatec 32m gangway is built with this philosophy, ensuring a modest initial investment and considerable savings over the life of the gangway due to less energy consumption, less maintenance and less consumables expended. Contact us to know more or see the details of some of this.

Bjørnar Huse
May 16, 2023

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