Convert waste heat into electrical power

Bernt-Aage Ulstein
November 24, 2023

The urgency to identify, define, and resolve barriers to successful and safe decarbonization within shipping is critical. Shipowners face complex and costly decisions related to ship designs, machinery systems, and fuel sourcing. Luckily, we have the solutions.

Your benefits
-       Improve energy efficiency and achieve regulatory compliance
-       Applicable to both newbuilds and retrofits
-       Proven and tested technology
-       Maintenance free
-       No operating costs
-       Competitive Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE)

Innovative solution for improved energy efficiency
Our thermoelectric heat to power system is unique within the maritime
industry – by utilizing the temperature difference between your hot
waste heat and ambient seawater, an electromagnetic force is created
for distribution to the ship’s grid or battery system.

Heat to Power – potential use cases
Typical use-cases for considering our Heat to Power could be:

  • A newbuild where the objective is to maximize energy efficiency and the
    heat balance calculation indicates surplus heat.
  • An existing ship with no or partial heat recovery system implemented, but
    with an incentive to improve CII-rating but.
  • An existing ship previously running with heavy fuel oil (HFO), but with existing
    fuel pre-heating systems operated with thermal oil or steam. The surplus heat
    generated to by these systems can be directed to one or several TEPU-units
    and provide value.

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Bernt-Aage Ulstein
November 27, 2023

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