The Central Supervision Panel

Lars-Erik Helland
February 13, 2024

Our Central Supervision Panel (CSP) simplifies the control and supervision of your Ulmatec thermal solutions. This 18.5” panel computer, equipped with supervisory management software, provides easy access to monitor and control all solutions from one point.

You can place it in the engine control room or any central location. If you currently deal with disjointed interactions across multiple physical terminals, integrating the CSP allows convenient control and monitoring from a single access point.

To integrate the panel, you just plug the CSP to a standard power outlet and a simple Ethernet cable to the Ulmatec network, and it’s ready to go. It measures no more than an everyday PC monitor in size and may be placed or mounted entirely independently from any previous installations.


• Complete overview – Swiftly and seamlessly swap between multiple product solutions.

• Direct control – Execute control commands as if interacting directly with each solution.

• Assurance – Quickly provides centralized control for instant status overview.

• Efficiency – Facilitates increased productivity and prompt responsive actions to events.

• Highly customizable – Options for visual and functional custom setups are available.


• The unit – A TFT LCD 18.5” Display & Touch Panel PC with marine certification by DNV.

• Marine-grade aluminium – Front, frame, and cover. Lightweight and corrosion resistant.

• Ease of installation – Single unit with mounting, a power cable, and an Ethernet cable.

• Modular design – Console or hinged desk/wall mounting, both options included.

• Standards compliance – IACS, IEC 60945, IEC 60533, IEC 60529, and MIL.

Click here  if you want to get in contact with us for further possibilities regarding custom solutions, adapted to your specific needs.

Lars-Erik Helland
February 13, 2024

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