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To ensure that our customers experience the highest performance and uptime, our Handling Solutions service department are ready to respond to customer requests on short notice anywhere in the world.

Our specialist engineers can log on to the equipment control system for initial diagnosis. If it is necessary to perform any hands-on work we can either guide the vessel crew or local partner to perform the required work or we will send one of our engineers to the customer site, regardless of where it is.

Our service agreements are available in several tiers, from basic ad-hoc work to full coverage with parts and work guaranteed for the duration of the contract. With our complete coverage there are no surprises or unexpected costs for the customer.

We offer:

  • Yearly service
  • Ad-hoc service and repair
  • Online diagnostics and configuration
  • Recertification and class approvals
  • HAT and commissioning
  • Crew training by simulator or hands-on
  • Operator for hire
  • Spare part kits
  • Spare part depot at remote locations
  • 365/24/7 service personnel availability
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