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Ulmatec Baro AS was established in 1981 under the name Baro Mek. Verksted AS. Main products then was “back deck” equipment for seismic vessels (winches etc), in addition to smaller repairs of all kinds of vessels.

The co-operation with the seismic market gave ideas to different types of solutions to improve the seismic operations. The first product constructed, was the Baro Gun Handling System. This system simplified the launching and retrieving of the seismic sources. Damages caused by dragging the air-guns aboard the vessels was eliminated, and the system also proved to be very safe for the crew. All manual operations could be performed in safe environment on the back deck.

Shortly thereafter, the idea to a diverter unit came up. Giving the seismic companies the possibility of towing two streamers behind each vessel would improve the efficiency of the vessels. The main problem to solve was to ensure the stability of the deflector units. After a period of testing, the first Barovane was launched in 1985. This little deflector was a success, and since then, a lot of development have been performed to make larger ‘vanes with higher efficiency and more lift. Today most of the seismic companies are using our Barovanes. Since 1994 we have been working with composite materials. This is the material of the future for light-weight constructions.

Since 1996 Baro also have had a thermoplastic department where numerous floats in different sizes have been manufactured.

On Sept 4th. 2013 we changed our name from Baro Mek. Verksted AS to Ulmatec Baro AS.

Iver Bjørnerem
Managing Director
Mob.: + 47 990 12 003

Karl Fredrik Sandvik
Technical Manager
Mob.: +47 916 36 931

Odd Bjørn Jensen
Sales / Product Manager
Mob.: +47 924 24 929


Hans Otto Øvrelid

Manager Finance & Administration
Mob.: +47 905 98 807

Vidar Sundnes
Sales Manager
Mob.: +47 926 13 416