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press release

Major contract award for SIL rated well intervention equipment. 
The first sets of BOP Control Unit (BCU) and Well Control Unit (WCU) with Safety Integration Level (SIL)* will soon be in use on the Norwegian offshore shelf.

Ulmatec Well Products AS has been awarded a contract by DeepWell AS for delivery of BCU and WCU units with SIL rating. This is the first delivery of SIL rated BCU and WCU units in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. As a result DeepWell AS will be the first well service company to meet the strict SIL requirements. The contract includes delivery of both 10.000
PSI and 15.000 PSI systems. Delivery of the units will be ongoing throughout 2015.

Ulmatec Well Products AS, formerly known as Ulmatec Cetix AS, has from the second half of 2014 decided to focus solely on products and services to the Well Intervention industry. Ulmatec Well Products has delivered products and solutions for this industry for near 10 years and has a proven track record for delivery of reliable and highly functional products.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) defines the reliability of instrumented safety functions. An Safety Instrumented System (SIS) shall be designed, documented and managed according to the standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. The standards ensures that a safety instrumented system keeps the integrity required, including quality assurance, work methodology, design, operation and maintenance. SIL covers the entire life cycle of the safety system, from planning to decommissioning.

For any additional information please contact:
Ulmatec Well Products AS
Owe André Askeland - VP
M: 977 77 583

DeepWell AS
Svenn Magnus Sørensen
Contract & Procurement Manager
M: 412 14 067

Ulmatec Well Products AS
Ulmatec Well Products is located in Stavanger, Norway and is one of several oil, gas and shipping companies in the Ulstein Marine Technology group. The company has in the latest years delivered several handling systems and Well Control Equipment both in Norway and in international markets. Ulmatec Well Products AS is now focusing on the Well Intervention market, leading the way with innovative design and technical solutions.

DeepWell AS
DeepWell AS is a well intervention company focusing on high-tech based wireline-services. DeepWell AS was founded in 2004, when a group of engineers realized that the conservative well intervention industry had been in a status quo for a long time. DeepWell AS’s introduction of groundbreaking technology started a new era in the business of well services, an era still characterized by continuous technology development lead by DeepWell AS.