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Press briefing – Gamlem/Søvik, Norway, 18 November 2011

Committed to product development – heavy focus on customer needs substantial savings from heat recovery. Large sums can be saved by recovering and exploiting the energy in waste heat on ships, says Jan Petter Urke, chief executive of Norway’s Ulmatec Pyro AS.

“Only 30 per cent of the energy supplied by a diesel engine is exploited for electricity generation or direct drive,” he points out. “The rest is lost in coolant water and exhaust fumes.

“Utilising more of this energy is definitely in the interest both of our customers and of the environment. There’s a lot to be gained from harnessing surplus heat.”

The company has accordingly launched a new system this spring to do just that, under the name Pyro Heat Recovery System™.

Many applications
Mr Urke notes that waste heat has many shipboard applications, including warming up accommodation areas and tanks as well as de-icing of decks and companionways.

“But we’re looking at further opportunities for huge savings by transferring energy consumption from electricity to waterborne heat,” he says.

Reduce fuel consumption to zero
To illustrate this point, Mr Urke points out that a propulsion engine uses an average of 200 000 litres of fuel annually to generate 100 kilowatts for heating.

“By comparison, it pays to use an oil-fired boiler for this purpose. But even that requires roughly 100 000 litres of fuel to supply the same 100 kilowatts.

“Investing in a good heat recovery system, on the other hand, can reduce fuel consumption for heating to zero. That offer substantial gains both financially and environmentally.”

Ballast water treatment
Current projects at Ulmatec Pyro include the development of a proprietary system for treating ballast water with the aid of heat recovery.

The introduction of very stringent international standards for ballast water treatment means this market has a huge potential. Ulmatec Pyro’s system will also be able to treat waste water from wellboats and the like.

“Utilising waste heat from exhaust and coolant system on board allows ballast water to be heated quickly and easily to 100°C, killing all unwanted aquatic life,” explains Mr Urke.

“While the water is being cooled down again, the heat given off can be exploited to pre-heat the water in the first heating step or for other purposes. This quite simply represents free ballast water treatment.”

Ulmatec Pyro is introducing one innovation after another, with the new heat recovery and tank heating systems appearing on the market this year.

A de-icing solution will be launched in 2012, with the ballast water treatment system following the year after that. Mr Urke is convinced that these developments will be welcomed by the market.
“One of the unique aspects of our heat recovery systems is that we can document just how much ‘green’ energy

“That’s possible with a control solution which calculates, documents and visualises all the energy we extract. The process is monitored via the ship’s main control system.”

He adds that the system can be further expanded by adding a Pyro incineration system for refuse and waste oil, and then recovering the heat from that as well.

“This is a dynamic solution which can be tailored to a number of operating profiles,” he says.

Pyro founder Palmar Bjørnøy was a Norwegian ship’s engineer, resistance fighter and businessman, best known in Norway as a member of the “Shetland gang” fighting the German occupiers in the Second World War.

With 54 trips across the North Sea, Bjørnøy was the member of the gang who took part in the largest number of these “Shetland Bus” voyages to and from the UK. These crossings taught him the hard way how important good heating systems are on ships.

Ulmatec Pyro ranks today as a leading supplier of heating and waste treatment systems. More than 15 000 ships worldwide have been equipped with Pyro™ hot water heating systems to date. 

Ulmatec Pyro is a part of the Ulmatec group and located at Gamlem near Ålesund on the west coast of Norway.

Read more about Ulmatec Pyro’s biggest-ever contract in a separate press release issued today.

Ulmatec Pyro AS in brief
Ulmatec Pyro is a leading supplier and manufacturer of heating and waste treatment systems for the marine industry, backed by solid experience and customer feedback built up since 1951. More than 15 000 ships worldwide have been equipped with Pyro™ hot water heating system to date.
A solution from Ulmatec Pyro utilises waste heat, and uses fuel only when such “green” energy is not sufficient/available. Heat generators and consumers are split into separate temperature circuits and connected together for optimal energy saving.
Ulmatec Pyro is a part of the Ulmatec group and located at Gamlem near Ålesund on the west coast of Norway.

Ulmatec in brief
Ulmatec is an abbreviation for Ulstein Marine Technology AS. This company can trace its history back to 1917 and to Ulstein Mek Verksted, the origin of the Ulstein group. After 1999, a number of new marine businesses flourished following the acquisition of Ulstein by Vickers and Rolls-Royce. One of these was Ulmatec. Established in 2000, it is now the parent of a group of companies delivering marine technology and services worldwide.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Petter Urke
Managing director
Ulmatec Pyro AS
Tel. +47 911 09 201

Karstein Nygård
Sales manager
Ulmatec Pyro AS
Tel. +47 901 39 828

Jon Åge Eidem
Sales- and marketing director
Ulstein Marine Technology AS
Tel. +47 909 60 477