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Press release – Gamlem/Søvik, Norway, 18 November 2011

An order to supply fuel-fired heaters for 20 platform supply vessels (PSVs) being built by Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co Ltd ranks as the largest single delivery won by Norway’s Ulmatec Pyro AS.

Due for installation in ships under construction at Ningbo in China, the contract follows orders from the same yard earlier this year for 12 corresponding systems.

Zhejiang Shipbuilding has thereby ordered 32 ship sets from Ulmatec Pyro in 2011. The yard is part of SinoPacific Shipbuilding Group, which has also designed the PSVs.

“With the latest contract, we’ll be delivering one fuel-fired heater system a month to the yard from next April until September 2013,” says Jan Petter Urke, chief executive of Ulmatec Pyro.

“In addition to these orders, we’ve secured many other contracts from both Norwegian and foreign customers so far this year, setting a new record for our annual order intake.”

He expects the level of new orders to remain high this year and next, partly owing to Ulmatec Pyro’s strongest-ever commitment to product development and a heavy focus on customer needs.

“These contracts also reflect long-term marketing work and building an international network of agents,” Mr Urke emphasises.

“Establishing Ulmatec Asia in Singapore has not least contributed to very active sales work in that region, which we’re just starting to reap the benefits of.”

Read more about Ulmatec Pyro’s commitment to product development and heavy focus on customer needs in a

Ulmatec Pyro AS in brief
Ulmatec Pyro is a leading supplier and manufacturer of heating and waste treatment systems for the marine industry, backed by solid experience and customer feedback built up since 1951. More than 15 000 ships worldwide have been equipped with Pyro™ hot water heating system to date.
A solution from Ulmatec Pyro utilises waste heat, and uses fuel only when such “green” energy is not sufficient/available. Heat generators and consumers are split into separate temperature circuits and connected together for optimal energy saving.
Ulmatec Pyro is a part of the Ulmatec group and located at Gamlem near Ålesund on the west coast of Norway.

Ulmatec in brief
Ulmatec is an abbreviation for Ulstein Marine Technology AS. This company can trace its history back to 1917 and to Ulstein Mek Verksted, the origin of the Ulstein group. After 1999, a number of new marine businesses flourished following the acquisition of Ulstein by Vickers and Rolls-Royce. One of these was Ulmatec. Established in 2000, it is now the parent of a group of companies delivering marine technology and services worldwide.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Petter Urke
Managing director
Ulmatec Pyro AS
Tel. +47 911 09 201

Karstein Nygård
Sales manager
Ulmatec Pyro AS
Tel. +47 901 39 828

Jon Åge Eidem
Sales- and marketing director
Ulstein Marine Technology AS
Tel. +47 909 60 477